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Adult Sports

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    ASA approved bats must have either a 2000 or 2004 certified stamps to be considered a legal bat. There are 24 bats that have the certified stamp on them that are no longer legal. See attachment. If you have a bat that is not older than a 2000 bat without an ASA stamp on it, it is considered Illegal. If you have any questions regarding the illegal bat policy, please contact the Recreation Supervisor at 777-1557 Here is the link to the ASA Policy:
  • Softball-2014 Registration Form (pdf, 270.4 kb)
    Please contact Recreation Supervisor at 777-1557 or for any questions
  • Softball-City League Rulebook (pdf, 700.1 kb)
  • Adult Softball-2014 Standings (pdf, 32.3 kb)
    Standings will be updated daily after each night's play. Please contact the Recreation Supervisor at 777-1557 or if you believe standings are not accurate.
  • Adult Softball Leagues-ASA Roster Form (pdf, 124.4 kb)
    This form is utilized for Adult Softball Leagues Only. All other sports leagues will utilize the City of Prescott roster
  • Adult Softball Rule Book - Coed Lineup Rule (pdf, 16.3 kb)

You can find general forms on the main Adult Sports page.