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General Plan


Revision to General Plan
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The City of Prescott is updating its General Plan. The citizen driven General Plan Update Committee has completed it's updates and recommendations regarding the Plan. There may be additional meetings of the Committee if needed. The Committee's draft Plan is currently under review by City staff and will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in a series of public hearings in March, April, and May 2014. State statutes require mandatory public participation strategies, waiting periods for public review and outside agency review. The Plan will then be presented to Prescott voters for ratification in November 2014.

Information on General Plan Committee Meetings

Please contact Ryan Smith at 928-777-1209 with any questions.

General Plan Committee - City of Prescott 2014 General Plan as of 03-26-14

Plaza in Prescott

General Plan

Hard copies of the text and maps may be obtained at Prescott City Hall, 201 South Cortez Street. Questions regarding the content of this document may be directed to Ryan Smith, Planner at 777-1209.Lake in Prescott

Click on a map below to view a larger version. Please note that these maps are quite large.

2003 General Plan Circulation Map General Plan Regional Jurisdictions Map
2003 General Plan Circulation Map
(988 KB)
General Plan Regional Jurisdictions Map
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2003 General Plan Land Use Map
2013 General Plan Land Use Map
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