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Community Services

Honor Guard

The Community Services Section manages outreach and educational programs offered by the department including the Explorer Program, Citizen Police Academy, School Resource Officers, the Bike Patrol, and Shop With a Cop as well as conducting residential and business security surveys. This Section is tasked with many support functions which are vital to the success of Community Oriented policing and the establishment of partnerships with the citizens of Prescott, in an effort to proactively address crime and related issues and improve the services offered by the Prescott Police Department.

To learn more about Community Service's programs, click on the links below:

Explorer’s Post #778

An Explorer is a person who is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Our advisors strive to help each Explorer understand what a patrol officer’s duties are along with building good character for you and others.

Our Explorer post works as a team within the Prescott Police Department to volunteer with festivities such as: parades, parking control and numerous community events throughout the year.

As an Explorer you can participate in our ride along program where you can see how officers complete various patrol duties. You can then apply your learning skills and compete with other Explorer posts in area competitions.

  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 20
  • Be of good moral character and integrity
  • Be a law abiding citizen
  • Maintain passing grades in school
  • Complete an interview with an adviser

The Prescott Police Explorer Post Consists of three advisors and a Sergeant. You can contact any adviser or the Sergeant of the Community Services Section for any information or services provided by our post at 928-777-1988.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer Program consists of officers being assigned to our local schools. The Prescott High School has one full time SRO that has three primary functions in the school: Counselor, Educator and Enforcement. Among other duties the SRO performs at his assigned school, each teaches law related classes to students. To qualify as an SRO, officers have to attend lengthy training and receive certification in this program. The SROs have established strong relationships with the youth while at the same time present a positive role model at the schools.

Shop With a Cop

Shop with a Cop was created several years ago in cooperation with K-Mart and has enjoyed nationwide success. The program establishes goodwill between area law enforcement agencies and families experiencing hardships by providing selected children, referred by public and private organizations, the opportunity to shop with an officer for Christmas gifts.

The goals for Shop with a Cop are many. The program is intended to boost the children's morale and build their self-esteem while allowing each participant to see officers in a non-intimidating setting. Likewise, the program fosters decision making practices and cost-effective purchasing. Most of all, it provides an opportunity for the participants to experience the gift of giving--not only will each child shop for themselves, they will likewise purchase gifts for their loved ones.

Should you wish to learn more about this program or if you would like to make a donation, feel free to contact the Support Services Sergeant at (928) 777-1988.

Should you wish to learn more about this program or if you would like to make a donation feel free to contact Sgt. Amy Bonney of the Prescott Police Department at (928)777-1444.

Bicycle Patrol

Bike Patrol Officers

Selected officers from the Prescott Police Department receive 40 hours of Patrol Bicycle instruction and upon completion; are capable of working Patrol as a Bicycle Officer. Bicycle Officers specialize in working localized areas; on going problems in our community as well as handling security for large gatherings and events. Bicycle Officers have the capability of moving through crowded areas very quickly and have established themselves as an effective tool for keeping our community safe, while being easily accessible to everyone.