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Request New or Replacement Container

Trash/Recycle Container Request Form

Due to an insufficient stock of containers, the Solid Waste Division is only able to deliver New Service containers or perform container repair at this time. Please submit container replacement requests after January 1st. Container replacements will only occur in absolutely necessary situations.

Please use the form below to submit a Trash or Recycle Container Request.
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Note : The Sanitation Division will not replace cans due to smell or filth. Per City Code 2-13-4 B1 it is the property owners' responsibility to maintain all containers or dumpsters in a clean and sanitary condition.
Before new dumpster placement there must be a finished and City-approved dumpster enclosure per City dumpster detail 4-15P.

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Prescott, AZ


Container Request Information

What Type of Request are You Making? Required

Type of Container Requested Required
(for replacement or repair requests)

  • Garbage- green container
  • Recycle- blue container
  • Commercial Garbage- brown container
  • Commercial Recycle- blue container

Service on containers generally takes 2-3 business days. For repair or replacement please leave containers curbside as soon as service is requested. We understand some HOA's do not like containers to be out for extended periods however, if the driver does not see your can he will not stop. Please provide us with a valid phone number; you will receive notification regarding receipt of your service request via phone call or email. If we cannot provide notification the service order will be void.

Public Disclosure Policy

Persons reporting violations should be aware that information submitted on this form will become part of the City's public records and that Arizona’s Public Records Law, A.R.S. §39-121, et. seq. will require the City to disclose such record and information upon a request for public records.